Fetish Fantasy Series

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    SKU : 453611

    Fetish Fantasy Elite – 8″ Strapless Strap-on – Pink

    $114.99 When your fetish-play demands the best materials possible, only the Fetish Fantasy Elite line will do! Made from 100% medical-grade Elite Silicone, this ultra-premium collection is body-safe, hypo-allergenic, and sculpted to excite. Elite Silicone quickly warms to body temperature and conforms to the body's contours, giving users the most realistic stimulation ever imagined. It's phthalate-free, latex-free, nonporous and the safest sex toy material on the market today! Get hands-free stimulation and hot, face to face sex with the Strapless Strap-on Dildo. Cleverly curved at just the right angle, this strapless double dildo stays inside the wearer with each passionate thrust. The ergonomically designed dildo stays in place when the action heats up, allowing you to enjoy hands-free penetration without a harness or strap. It's great to use on both sexes and can be used with either end in the vagina, anus or hand. All Elite dildos are dishwasher safe and boilable, allowing you to effectively sterilize them without any harsh chemicals or solvents. If you prefer to use a cleanser, cleanup is a snap after the fun with Nobu Toy Cleaner and warm water. Use plenty lubricant for an extra wet, extra wild experience. Internal Plug Length: 4" (10.1 cm) Internal Plug Width: 1.4" (3.5 cm) External Dildo Length: 8" (20.3 cm) External Dildo Width: 1.4" (3.5 cm) Item Number: 453611 UPC Code: 603912300871 Item Length: 9.25 in. - ( 235 mm ) Item Width: 1.5 in. - ( 38 mm ) Item Height: 1.5 in. - ( 38 mm ) Item Girth: 4.5 in. - ( 114 mm ) Item Diameter: 1.5 in. - ( 36 mm ) Item Package Depth: 3.25 in. - ( 8 cm ) Item Package Width: 10.5 in. - ( 27 cm ) Item Package Height: 6.25 in. - ( 16 cm ) Item Packaged Weight: 1.25 lbs. ( 510 grams ) Features and Functions: Mask Included, Toy Cleaner Included, Phthalates Free, Lotion Included, G-Spot Material: Silicone

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    SKU : 457123

    Fetish Fantasy Elite – Cockcage & Ring Set – Black

    $19.99 Maintain firm erections and increase your pleasure with this incredible super-stretchy Cockcage and Ring set. Made from our ultra premium Elite Silicone, the cage wraps around your cock and balls, providing erection-enhancing support and added stimulation for your partner. Choose from three silicone cockrings and put a squeeze on performance letdowns! The stretchy rings fit comfortably around the base of your cock, delaying ejaculation while the cockcage titillates your senses and delivers mind-blowing climaxes for you both. Cleanup is a snap after the fun with Pipedream Toy Cleaner and warm water. Cage Length: 5" (12.7 cm) Cage Diameter: .8" (2 cm) Small Cock Ring Diameter: 1.2" (3 cm) Medium Cock Ring Diameter: 1.6" (4 cm) Large Cock Ring Diameter: 2" (5 cm) Item Number: 457123 UPC Code: 603912311594 Item Package Depth: 1 in. - ( 3 cm ) Item Package Width: 4 in. - ( 10 cm ) Item Package Height: 6.25 in. - ( 16 cm ) Item Packaged Weight: 2.5 oz. ( 71 grams ) Features and Functions: Stretchy, Phthalates Free Material: Silicone

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    SKU : 217700

    Fetish Fantasy Series – Alligator Nipple Clamps

    Make your nipples perk with pleasure with these beginner Fetish Fantasy Series - Alligator Nipple Clamps. Made with durable metal clips and covered in soft rubber liners, these clamps are perfect for beginners and fetish enthusiasts alike. The amount of pressure you apply to the nipple is adjustable by turning the screw, and the weighted chain intensifies the pressure as you move and the chain swings. Barcode: 603912252620 Re-Order#: 217700

    Key Features:

    • Adjustable
    • covered soft rubber tips
    • ideal for beginners
    • Chained together

    Essential to know

    What is it made of? metal What is it for? Nipple stimulation or jewellery

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    SKU : 384100

    Fetish Fantasy Series – Ball Gag Training System

    $32.99 Don't say a word! The Ball Gag Training System is perfect for beginners who are new to being gagged, yet versatile enough to satisfy a pro. The 3-gag training system allows you to start with a small gag and gradually work your way up to the larger one - and go from mild to wild as you progress! Each gag is interchangeable using the snaps, made from non-toxic plastic and fitted with holes to make breathing easy. The sturdy black leather strap easily adjusts to fit most sizes, giving you instant control over when, and how often, your lover speaks. You'll teach your partner the meaning of submission in no time at all - remember practice makes perfect! -3 Interchangeable Breathable Ball Gags (S, M, L) -1 Adjustable Leather Head Strap -Holes for Easy Breathing -Free Satin Love Mask
    Phthalates Free
    Item Package Depth: 2.25 in. - ( 6 cm ) Item Package Width: 4.5 in. - ( 11 cm ) Item Package Height: 8 in. - ( 20 cm ) Item Packaged Weight: 5.25 oz. ( 149 grams ) Item Package Type: Box Features and Functions: Mask Included, Phthalates Free Material: Plastic, Leather [button link="http://www.pipedreamproducts.com/videos/384100.m4v" color="red" newwindow="yes"] Available Video[/button]

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  • Beaded-Cat-o-Nine-Tails1329698362.jpg
    SKU : 370300

    Fetish Fantasy Series – Beaded Cat-o-Nine Tails

    $29.99 This black 18" cat is sure to make your submissive meee-OW! The wood bead handle has a handy strap and the tresses are an easy-to-use eight inches long. The strap and tresses are made of easy-to-clean, soft-backed vinyl whose tips provide just the right amount of sting. A welcomed addition to any toy bag! 20" (52cm) Item Package Depth: 1 in. - ( 3 cm ) Item Package Width: 1.25 in. - ( 3 cm ) Item Package Height: 15.5 in. - ( 39 cm ) Item Packaged Weight: 2.25 oz. ( 64 grams ) Item Package Type: Hang Tab Material: Tresses: Vinyl Handle: Wood

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    SKU : 392600

    Fetish Fantasy Series – Beginner’s 6pc Cupping Set

    $49.99 Add the sensation of suction to your fetish play with this Beginner's 6pc. Cupping Set. Based on ancient Chinese cupping therapy, these modern day plastic suction cups create a powerful vacuum that stimulates your hot spots and delivers amazing sensations. The suction action gently increases blood flow and excites your sensitive nerve endings, creating a one-of-a-kind feeling unlike anything you've experienced. The cups can be used virtually anywhere on your body - but they really feel great on the nipples, clit, buttocks, or any other erogenous zone! Each cup has its own built-in release that instantly relieves pressure when you pull the black pin. To use, lightly lubricate the skin first, then attach the flexible hose to the valve on the top of each cup. Pull the EZ-grip trigger and watch your partner's skin rise with suction. After you've reached your desired tension, remove the hose from the cup and the suction will remain constant until you pull the pin. The cupping set works great for BDSM medical play or for an all-over soothing kinky fetish massage. Once you remove the cup, the suction leaves a temporary red mark on the spot it was attached to. Be sure to pump cautiously, excessive suction can cause breaks in capillary blood vessels, resulting in a "hickey" type bruise on your skin. Item Number: 392600 UPC Code: 603912358049 Item Package Depth: 3 in. - ( 8 cm ) Item Package Width: 9.5 in. - ( 24 cm ) Item Package Height: 7.75 in. - ( 20 cm ) Item Packaged Weight: 10 oz. ( 286 grams ) Features and Functions: Mask Included

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    SKU : 216123

    Fetish Fantasy Series – Beginner’s Ball Gag

    $22.99 Explore a new way of communicating without saying a word. Fetish's new Beginner's Ball Gag will give your partner control and you can't say a word. Adventure into a new world of submission. -Adjustable Nylon Headstrap -Firm Phthalate-Free PVC Ball Gag -Free Satin Love Mask Ball Gag Diameter: 1.75" (4.5cm) Item Package Depth: 1.75 in. - ( 4 cm ) Item Package Width: 3 in. - ( 8 cm ) Item Package Height: 6.25 in. - ( 16 cm ) Item Packaged Weight: 5.25 oz. ( 149 grams ) Item Package Type: Box Features and Functions: Mask Included, Phthalates Free Material: Ball Gag: PVC Headstrap: Nylon Hardware: Metal

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    SKU : 391923

    Fetish Fantasy Series – Beginner’s Bit Gag

    $27.99 Teach your lover the meaning of submissive in no time with this PVC Bit Gag. Made from the same durable material as plastic PVC pipes, this firm gag is great for pony play or gag beginners. The vinyl straps easily adjust to fit most sizes, while they connect to the gag using a sturdy metal O-ring. It's great for small mouths and can be worn comfortably for extended periods of time. Your lover won't know when or how to speak... see who has the last word now! -Frim Plastic Bit Gag -Adjustable Vinyl Headtrap -Free Satin Love Mask Item Number: 391923 UPC Code: 603912262452 Item Package Depth: 1.75 in. - ( 4 cm ) Item Package Width: 5 in. - ( 13 cm ) Item Package Height: 7.75 in. - ( 20 cm ) Item Packaged Weight: 4 oz. ( 113 grams ) Features and Functions: Mask Included Material: PVC

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    Fetish Fantasy Series – Beginner’s Bondage Set – Black

    $54.99 Explore each other’s naughty side with this all-in-one Beginner’s Bondage Set. Perfect for couples who want to try something new and exciting. This set includes everything you need for a night of playful passion: (4) velvet cuffs with nylon ties, a soft feather tickler, (2) candles for sexy hot wax play, and a free satin blindfold. Take turns role-playing, one minute you’re in control, the next you’re at your lover’s mercy! Experience the thrill of bondage and fulfill your deepest fetish fantasies!

    4 Velvet Cuffs with Tethers
    Feather Tickler
    2 Candles
    Free Satin Love Mask
    Features and Functions: Mask Included
    Material: Cuffs:    Polyester
    Tethers:    Nylon

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    SKU : 446323

    Fetish Fantasy Series – Beginner’s Crop

    Show your partner who's in charge with this elegant Fetish Fantasy Series - Beginner's Crop and deliver some serious playtime punishment with one swift whack across their tender skin. Perfectly balanced with a solid handle and no-slip grip, this crop is perfect for exploring your dominant or submissive side. It hurts so good! Barcode: 603912344967 Re-Order#: 446323

    Key Features:

    • No-slip grip
    • 3" width end
    • Great for beginner's

    Essential to know

    Measurements? Approx. 17.25 in. - ( 44 cm ) What colour is it? Black What does it feel like? Slight stinging What is it made of? Vinyl, Leatherette Is it flexible? Firm    

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    SKU : 213900

    Fetish Fantasy Series – Beginner’s Cuffs

    $24.99 Add a hint of bondage to the bedroom with these playful Beginner's Cuffs. With two adjustable leather cuffs tethered together by a metal chain, this is the perfect restraint for your wrists or ankles. -Adjustable Vinyl Cuffs -High-Strength Metal Chain and Buckle -Perfect for First Timers! -Free Satin Love Mask Item Number: 213900 UPC Code: 603912209839 Item Package Depth: 1.25 in. - ( 3 cm ) Item Package Width: 4.5 in. - ( 11 cm ) Item Package Height: 8 in. - ( 20 cm ) Item Packaged Weight: 5 oz. ( 142 grams ) Material: Leather

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    SKU : 380023

    Fetish Fantasy Series – Beginner’s Furry Cuffs – Black

    $18.99 Lock up your lover and explore your fetish fantasies with these Beginner Furry Cuffs. Lined with velvety-soft faux fur, these first-timer cuffs keep your lover comfortably constrained and looking and feeling sexy. The locking mechanism has a quick-release button in case you lose the key, and the cuffs easily adjust to fit most sizes. You'll both love the sensuous feel of the soft fur as it teases, tickles and titillates! Item Number: 380023 UPC Code: 603912247589 Item Package Depth: 1.25 in. - ( 3 cm ) Item Package Width: 4.25 in. - ( 11 cm ) Item Package Height: 5.25 in. - ( 13 cm ) Item Packaged Weight: 4.25 oz. ( 120 grams ) Material: Metal

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