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  • SKU : 633763

    1001 Night Box

    $84.99 erotic pleasure at a great price!
    • 13 parts that will bring sensuality and pure ecstasy:
    • 1 Adult DVD
    • 1 erotic reading book
    • 1 Slip / String for HER and 1 Slip / String for Him (100% polyamide)
    • 1 eye mask
    • 1 stimulating scented candle in aluminum can
    • 1 Erotic Massage Oil
    • 1 x condoms
    • 1 penis ring
    • 1 pair of love balls
    • 1 power vibrator
    • 1 Lubricants
    • 1 Intimschmuck
    • Includes battery (s).
    • Lightweight item subject to change.Additional Product InformationProduct: PackageMaterial: different

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  • SKU : 587079

    2 = 1 Double Dong Vibe

    $69.99 Alone, in twos, with 2 vibrators or a Double Dong – anything is possible! You get two vibrators with pronounced glans and large veins. Each vibrator is 16.5 cm long and has 3 vibration levels at the push of a button, which provide moments or pure pleasure. The amazing extra: these transparent red vibrators can be screwed together as quick as a flash using the included connection piece. These two vibrators then turn into a 32 cm long double vibrator! The 3 vibration levels can still be used when the vibrators have been joined together. There is only one thing left to do: get yours now! Batteries: 4 x AAA Batteries not included Total length 16.5 per vibe, total for both connected 32cm Diameter 2.7 - 3.4cm Material: PVC, ABS, phthalate-free Colour: red/silver Re-Order#: 587079 UPC: 4024144594672

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  • SKU : 504335

    2-In-1 Hummer – Mouth & Vagina Entrance

    $64.99 Portable masturbator, oral/mouth and vaginal entrances for double the pleasure choices, 17.8 cm (7 inches), "Love Clone II" material, ultra soft material. Noduled tunnel. Hygienic and cleanable.

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  • SKU : 504343

    2-In-1 Hummer – Anal & Vaginal Entrance

    $64.99 Portable masturbator, anal and vaginal entrances for double the pleasure choices, 17.8 cm (7 inches), "Love Clone II" material, ultra soft material. Noduled tunnel. Hygienic and cleanable.

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  • SKU : 510866

    3 Piece Cockring Set

    $9.99 A trio of erection rings, the 3 Piece Cockring Set of offers three stretchy rings, each with a different size and tension intensity. The biggest ring is intended for cock and ball constriction, fitting snugly around both. This is a more advanced style of constriction and many men swear by 3 Piece Cockring Set as a way to delay the big show. They are comfortably stretchy,  yet maintains a tight fit to keep the erection in question strong. The medium ring provides medium-level tension. Entry level users should start with the biggest ring and work up to the smallest, as the tension and resulting constriction increases the smaller the ring. Made of a hygienic silicone material, the rings can be boiled clean for use with multiple partners. Silicone is a hypoallergenic material, that can be a great material for anyone with sensitive skin.  Water based lubricant should be used with these rings to ensure a pleasurable experience. Barcode: 4024144518111 Re-Order#: 510866

    Key Features:

    • Made of silicone
    • 3 different sizes
    • Stretchy
    • Black
    • Easy to clean
    • Smooth finish

    Essential to know

    Measurements? Stretchy - 4cm - 4.5cm - 5cm What colour is it? Black What does it feel like? Smooth finish What is it made of? Silicone Should I get it wet? 100% waterproof Is it flexible? Flexible  

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  • SKU : 586021

    Aggress – Vibe Butt Plug with Flex Head

    $44.99 Red anal vibrator with a flexible tip and wavy surface. With 10 function levels at the push of a button. 15 cm long, insertion depth 11 cm, Ø 1.7 to 3.7 cm. Material: Silikon, ABS Batteries not included, 2 x AAA. UPC: 4892503154856 Reorder: 586021

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  • SKU : 522724

    Air Control Pump

    $59.99 New design T-bar finger pump, soft latex entrance sleeve, pressure release valve.

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  • SKU : 517682

    All Star Enhancer Ring

    $21.99 For impressive erections! Smoky-black cockring with integrated nubbed ring to wrap around the testicles. Supports and fits comfortably at the base of the erection. Material: TPE. Size: Ø flexible

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  • SKU : 516325

    Amethyst Anal Plug

    $18.99 Realize your wildest anal fantasies!
    The proper design and handy wide base make this classy plug a perfect and safe anal toy for beginners while meeting all requirements of the experienced anal pro. Made of transparent, solid slippery material. 
    Size: 10 cm, Ø 0.73 cm  

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  • SKU : 517623

    Anal Drops


    Anal Drops

    Drop by drop an incredible pleasures! Flexible, slippery plug in ripple design with sensitive tip and ring grip for safe thrusting action. Can also be used vaginally. Smoky black. Size: 19 cm, Ø 2-3.5 cm

    Length: 19 cm

    Ø: 2 - 3,6 cm


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  • SKU : 521639

    Anal Finger Clear

    $10.99 Soft and slim silicone anal plug with finger ring.

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  • SKU : 505234

    Anal Special Silicone

    $36.99 Black anal dildo with two loops that are for the penis testicles. Complete length approx. 15 cm, Ø 1.9 to 2.5 cm. Black. Material: silicone

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