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    Satisfyer Pro 2 (Next Generation)


    With its NEW style & technology, the Satisfyer Pro 2  is a pioneer in revolutionizing the sexual freedom of women. With its intensive pressure waves and tingling pulsation, the Satisfyer Pro 2 provides touch-free clitoral stimulation created by powerful pulses of air (similar to a mild suction). The soft silicone nodule is designed to rest against her labia and surround her clitoris without actually touching the clitoris. Developed and designed in Germany, the Statisfyer Pro 2 has taken Europe by storm, and now we proudly introduce it to the women of Canada and the U.S. This luxurious rosé gold Satisfyer Pro 2 next generation offers 11 levels of intensity and is charged with the included magnetic USB charging cable. It now comes with + AND - buttons to increase and decrease speed, a larger silicone head for comfort, and a dimmer light. Marketplace feedback has confirmed it causes multiple and extremely intensive orgasms within minutes. This brand new must-have product is 100% waterproof, it can safely be used in the shower or bath providing even more pleasure. The silicone head can easily be removed and cleaned. Always make sure to clean your toy with an anti-bacterial toy cleaner before and after use. (Click here to open a link to our anti-bacterial toy cleaners)  We recommend ONLY using your favourite water-based lube with the Satisfyer Pro 2, as it will increase the intensity of enjoyment. (Click here to open a link to our water-based lubricants) Barcode: 4049369008858 Re-Order#: SF-8858

    Click HERE to open a link to a video that will explain all the amazing features of the Satisfyer Pro 2

    Key Features:

    • Touch-free clitoral stimulation
    • Pressure wave technology, powerful pulses of air to stimulate the clitoris
    • 100% Waterproof
    • Rechargeable, magnetic USB charging cable included
    • 11 levels of intensity
    • Easy to clean
    • Contact module is 100% medical grade silicone

    Essential to know

    Measurements? Height: 6.5" (16 cm)
    Width: 2"  (5 cm)
    Depth: 2.5" longest point (5.25 cm) What colour is it? Rosé gold What is it made of? Silicone , ABS  Is it flexible? No Should I get it wet? Yes, pleasure levels intensify in water. Does it vibrate? Not quite,  it's a new pressure wave technology that will leave you wanting more! What type of controller? Built in - push button How is it powered? Rechargeable, magnetic USB charging cable included.  Charging time: approx. 2.5h Usage period: Approx. 2 hours What type of battery? Internal Lithium-ion battery What does it do? 11 intensive pressure waves and tingling pulsations. What is it for? Clitoral stimulation. How does it feel? Incredible!  

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    Satisfyer Pro Deluxe

    The refined, luxury vibrator Satisfyer Pro Deluxe to apply brings a touch of elegance to the bedroom. This handy little gem stimulates contact-free with exciting pressure waves and lies nicely in the hand thanks to the oval shape. The time and place are irrelevant thanks to rechargeable batteries. -Whisper Mode -Pressure Wave & touch-free clitoral stimulation -Waterproof for even more fun underwater -Easy to clean -Body-friendly silicone -11 programs -Rechargable Li-ion Battery -Magnetic USB charging cable, included UPC: 4049369011230 Re-Order #: SF1230

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    Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit



    The ergonomic shape and silky-soft silicone cover of the Pro G-Spot ensure that it sits comfortably in your hand. Once the tempting design has seduced you, it slides smoothly inside you. The flexible, elegantly curved shaft clings skilfully to your curves and seeks your G-spot with a voluminous tip containing a powerful motor. A pleasurable bouquet of 3 vibration intensities and 7 rhythms provides you with deep vaginal vibes.
    • 2:1 - pressure waves and vibration
    • A world first: The must-have in your life
    • Separately controllable settings
    • 2 powerful motors. Waterproof
    • Rechargeable, USB charging cable included
    Meanwhile, the clitoral stimulator caresses your love bead with sensual pressure wave stimulation. The round silicone attachment encircles your clitoris as you are brought to a touch-free climax. This gives you a sensation similar to that of oral stimulation: rapid change between suction and pressure is available in 11 intensities - simply use the intuitive controls to switch up and down between settings. A third button controls the vibration setting, enabling countless seductive combinations of settings. The Satisfyer Pro G-Spot is also extremely quiet, although it may well coax a few noises out of you! The waterproof finish means that it is also the ideal bathing companion, inviting you to enjoy sensual pleasures in the shower or bath. The exchangeable, skin-friendly silicone attachment for this Satisfyer model is handy and round. The frictionless surface of the ring snugly and artfully encircles your love bead. Intensify your pleasure sensations even further by using a water-based lubricant. The integrated rechargeable battery in the Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit offers environmentally friendly recharging. If you want to charge your toy via a mains plug, the magnetic USB cable (included) can be supplemented with a standard 5V plug. The skin-friendly silicone is extremely easy to clean. Simply wash the toy with lukewarm water and a little soap. The attachment is also easily removable. Finish off with a couple of sprays of disinfectant toy cleaner to ensure especially thorough hygiene.

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    Satisfyer Pro Penguin (Next Generation)

    The handy design of the Satisfyer Pro Penguin especially impresses newcomers to sensual solo play with its cute shape and simple use. The curved head on this pressure wave vibrator creates never-experienced-before climaxes with 11 different programs. The rechargeable batteries make it ready for any adventure. -Whisper Mode -Pressure Wave & touch-free clitoral stimulation -Waterproof for even more fun underwater -Easy to clean -Body-friendly silicone -11 programs -Rechargable Li-ion Battery -Magnetic USB charging cable, included UPC: 4049369011223 Re-Order #: SF-1223

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    Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration



    Like all the products in the Satisfyer family, the Pro Plus Vibration offers 11 intensity settings. The vibration function ensures added pleasure: the quiet yet powerful motor makes the head vibrate tantalisingly, massaging you with a choice of 10 varied vibration settings. The pressure waves and vibrations can be controlled separately, providing you with an extensive pleasure experience, complete with intense happy ending. Looking for underwater thrills? Thanks to its waterproof finish, this pleasure companion can be used in the shower and bath, inviting you to enjoy a relaxed love bath.
    • 2:1 - pressure waves and vibration
    • The ultimate in clitoral orgasms
    • Separately controllable settings
    • 2 powerful motors. Waterproof
    • Rechargeable, USB charging cable included
    The pressure waves are activated by the On/Off button, and can be adjusted up and down using the +/- buttons according to your mood. The vibration is controlled by another button, meaning that you can always enjoy the two functions separately. Thanks to its integrated rechargeable battery, the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration can be easily charged with the supplied magnetic USB cable. The skin-friendly silicone head is ergonomically shaped, snuggling close to the clitoris and enclosing it very gently and precisely. The head is also interchangeable for easy cleaning. For the ultimate pleasure experience, we recommend using the toy with a water-based lubricant. The Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration is equipped with an integrated rechargeable battery, thus offering environmentally friendly recharging. The magnetic USB charging cable (included) can also be supplemented by a standard plug if required.

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