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  • 24903581001
    SKU : 2490358-1001

    Bad Kitty – Head Mask Eyes & Mouth Holes

    $39.99 Black tight head mask made of elastic fabric. With holes for eyes and mouth. Size: One Size fits Most Material: 92% polyester, 8% elastane Colour: Black Re-Order#: 24903581001 UPC: 4024144006564

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    SKU : 2490960-1001

    Bad Kitty – Heart Mini Crop

    $16.99 The Bad Kitty Heart Mini Crop is a perfect accessory for S&M games, lighter than most crops, it's perfect for beginners and experts alike. The classic shape makes just the right kind of crack when swung onto your partners delicate skin. Riding crops offer a small spank area and a harder sting, they are often used by more intermediate submissive players. The furry side can be use to tickle and soothe freshly spanked skin. Spanking can enhance sensation, sensitivity and pleasure. Barcode: 4024144152773 Re-Order#: 24909601001

    Key Features:

    • Made of synthetic material
    • Furry side
    • Smooth leather feel side
    • Classic crop shape
    • Smaller than most crops
    • Unisex

    Essential to know

    Measurement? Length -25cm What colour is it? Black with red stiching What does it feel like? Smooth - Furry What is it made of? Synthetic material Is it flexible? Flexible

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  • 05072530000982297675.jpg
    SKU : 507253

    Bad Kitty – Hog Tie

    $59.99 The penalty, hands and feet equates out of action! Whether sitting or kneeling in front behind the body - you decide how soft or hard the pain should be, depending on whether you hook the padded Velcro cuffs at the ends or in the middle of the 43 cm long connecting string. Black. Material: polypropylene, metal (chrome). The carabiners are galvanized. Additional Product Information Product Type: Wrist and Ankle Cuffs Black Length: 43 cm Material: Polypropylene, Chrome hardware / galvanized

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  • 249038210011829154210.jpg
    SKU : 2490382-1001

    Bad Kitty – Lace Hood

    $33.99 Not only for the fetish wedding! This lovely accessory can be used for many occasions. But it shows at any time, the slave who is here ... Black, tight head mask with holes for the eyes and mouth. Made from lightweight stretch lace. 92% nylon, 8% spandex. Additional Product Information Product Type: Hood Black Size: one size fits Material: 92% nylon, 8% spandex For a look that creates mystery and secret that no one knows what to expect from the unknown, the surprise factor is guaranteed. And all in a very elastic material for a perfect fit to the head. Adjusted and lace with openings for eyes and mouth. 92% polyamide, 8% elastane.

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  • 24919742001
    SKU : 2491974-2001

    Bad Kitty – Leash & Collar with White Detail

    $49.99 For captivating pleasure! Slightly padded collar with stitched edges and a ´diamond cut´ design on the surface. Collar size: 43 x 5 cm (40 to 48 cm) Leash: 88 cm long Material: Polyurethane, metal, synthetic rubber, split leather Colour: White/Black Re-Order#: 24919742001 UPC: 4024144312849

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  • 24903311000
    SKU : 2490331-1000

    Bad Kitty – Leather Heart Crop

    $39.99 Small black/red crop with heart-shaped tip, plastic wand and a handle with loop. Length: 45 cm Colour: Black/red Re-Order#: 24903311000 UPC: 4024144005802

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  • 249031510011548528770.jpg
    SKU : 2490315-1001

    Bad Kitty – Leather Hog Tie

    $89.99 Hand and ankle cuffs, connected to a bondage cross by means of snap hooks, a ring and short straps. 24 x 5 cm (hand cuffs), 30 x 5 cm (wrist cuffs).


    split leather, polyurethane.

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  • 528544-133497922.jpg
    SKU : 528544

    Bad Kitty – Neck & Arm Restraint

    $32.99 For Him or Her. Neck cuff with back strap (46 cm, adjustable), fixed on the soft foam padded velcro cuffs. Black/lilac, hand washable.

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  • 05072960000525943520.jpg
    SKU : 507296

    Bad Kitty – Neck + Ankle + Wrist Set

    $59.99 Lashing out your victim to your liking right! Create 10 cm wide neck chain, hook the handcuffs as desired and pull the 155 cm long anchoring straps on which the shackles are attached? either solid or soft and pliable and relentless. If you want to restrict the freedom of movement a little more, you also hook the handcuffs one! All padded restraints and length customizable (Velcro fasteners). Black. Material: polypropylene, metal (chrome), galvanized carabiner . Additional Product Information Product type: bandage set Black Length: 155 cm Material: Polypropylene, Chrome hardware / galvanized

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  • 05285010000
    SKU : 528501

    Bad Kitty – Nipple Chain – Red

    $29.99 Arousing view, tingly feeling! Light, long breast chain with nipple clamps. Pressure strength individually adjustable by means of adjusting screws. Clamps with red protection caps. Length: 40 cm Material: Metal/aluminium (nickel-free) Colour: Silver/Red Re-Order#: 528501 UPC: 4024144528714

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  • 05875750000
    SKU : 587575

    Bad Kitty – Nipple Cups Vibe

    $59.99 Vibrating nipple suckers with a hand pump for creating a vacuum. The vibro-bullets with 1 vibration level are removable. Once a vacuum has been created and the pump device has been removed, the suction cups will stay stuck on the breasts on their own. Cup size: inner 5 cm high, Ø 5.7 cm The tube is approx. 46 cm long. The hand pump is 16 cm long and is comfortable and easy to use because it has space for two fingers. Material: ABS, silicone, PC, acrylic UPC: 4024144595334 Reorder: 587575

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  • 249041210002103029151.jpg
    SKU : 2490412-1000

    Bad Kitty – Ostrich Feather – Black

    • Beautiful ostrich feather tickler for luxurious sensory exploration
    • Dual-layered feather tip is sumptuously soft for delicate strokes
    • 5 inch perspex handle offers easy control and maximum closeness
    • Travel-friendly size is great for naughty nights away from home
    • Discreet and stylish - display on your dressing table for a boudoir aesthetic

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